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Experienced rowers can begin rowing after the seasonal club opening in late April until the club close up in mid-October. 


ROW-A-MONTH ($202.87)

Experienced rowers who are not able to row a whole season or who want to try out the club may take advantage of this membership. After a month of rowing, members can upgrade to a full membership for $250.  


YOUTH ($307.87)

University and college students who are experienced rowers can take advantage of this membership.



High school students wishing to learn to row from experienced coaches have the opportunity to join the club in late winter.  Dry-land training begins in the early spring and students move to the water when the ice is off Little Lake.  All crews are invited to compete in an end-of-season competition.  For an additional $100 the high School athletes can upgrade to a Youth Membership. 



This program is offered to people with various disabilities to experience the fun of rowing.  



This program is typically offered over three days.  This program is scheduled based on interest, and the club manager will work with you to determine days and times. Please contact the clubhouse manager or email the club to book a session for yourself or your group. Rowers have the option of paying an additional $225 to obtain a full adult membership.


Junior LEARN-TO-ROW ($157.87)
Youth aged 12 years and up can take part in this program.  This rowing experience is offered over 5 half days, from 8:30 am until noon, and usually takes place in July.  Participants may return to row at times they pre-arrange with the club manager for the rest of July and August. This program is subject to enrolment. For an additional $100 rowers can upgrade to a summer membership.
If you have any questions, email us at
​Lessons & Coaching:

We have a dedicated coaching team here at the GBRC. Our goal is to ensure everyone who comes to the club has fun learning to row. Safety is also very important to us.


We have a Club Manager who works at the club from May-August and can help you learn to row or teach you some new skills!


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